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Engagements of the 48th Illinois Infantry
Attached To District of Cairo
Organized Camp Butler, IL 9/1861
Moved to Cairo, IL 11/11/1861 till 1/1862
Grants Expedition into Kentucky 1/16/1862 to 1/21/1862

Attached To 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, District of Cairo
Operations against Ft. Henry, TN 2/2/1862 to 2/6/1862
Capture of Ft. Henry 2/6/1862
Operations against Ft. Donelson, TN 2/12/1862 to 2/16/1862
Capture of  Ft. Donelson, TN 2/16/1862
Duty at Ft. Donelson, TN till 3/4/1862

Attached To 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, District of West Tennessee,
and Army of the Tennessee
Moved to Savannah, TN 3/4/1862 to 3/11/1862
Moved to Pittsburg Landing, TN 3/25/1862
Battle of Shiloh, TN 4/6/1862 and 4/7/1862
Advance on and siege of Cornith, MS 4/29/1862 to 5/30/1862

Attached To 2nd Brigade, 1st Division, District of Jackson, Tennessee
Attached To Post of Bethel, District of Jackson, Tennessee
Attached To Post of Bethel, District of Jackson, 13th Army Corps (Old),
Department of the Tennessee
Attached To Post of Bethel, District of Jackson, 16th Army Corps
Attached To 4th Brigade, 4th Division, 16th Army Corps
Moved to Bethel, TN 6/4/1862 Garrison duty here till 5/1863
1)Operations against Forest in West TN 12/18/1862 to 1/3/1863
Germantown 5/22/1863
Moved from Germantown to Memphis to Vicksburg, MS 6/9/1863 to 6/17/1863
Siege of Vicksburg  6/17/1863 to 7/4/1863

Attached To 4th Brigade, 4th Division, 15th Army Corps
Advance on Jackson, MS 7/4/1863 to 7/10/1863
1)Birdsong Ferry, Big Black River 7/4/1863 to 7/6/1863
2)Jones' Ford, Messanger's Ferry, Big Black River 7/6/1863
3)Quinn's Hill 7/7/1863
Siege of Jackson 7/10/1863 to 7/17/1863
Camp at Big Black till 9/28/1863

Attached To 3rd Brigade, 4th Division, 15th Army Corps
Movement to Memphis, TN then march to Chattanooga, TN 9/28/1863
to 11/23/1863
1) Operations on Memphis & Charleston R.R. in Alabama 10/20/1863
to 10/29/1863
Chattanooga-Ringgold Campaign 11/23/1863 to 11/27/1863
1)Tunnel Hill 11/23/1863 and 11/24/1863
2)Mission Ridge 11/25/1863
March to relief of Knoxville, TN 11/28/1863 to 12/8/1863
At Scottsboro, AL till 5/1864
Atlanta, GA Campaign 5/1/1864 till 9/8/1864
1)Demonstrations on Resaca 5/8/1864 to 5/13/1864
2)Near Resaca 5/13/1864
3)Battle of Reseca 5/14/1864 and 5/15/1864
4)Near Kingston 5/19/1864 to 5/22/1864
5)Advance on Dallas 5/22/1864 to 5/25/1864
6)Operations on line of Pumpkin Vine Creek and battles about Dallas,
New Hope Church and Allatoona Hills
5/25/1864 to 6/5/1864
7)Operations about Marietta and against Kenesaw Mountain 6/10/1864
to 7/2/1864
a)Brush Mountain 6/15/1864
b)Assault on Kenesaw Mountain 6/27/1864
8)Nickajack Creek 7/2/1864 to 7/5/1864
9)Chattahoochie River 7/5/1864 to 7/17/1864
10)Battle of Atlanta 7/22/1864
11)Siege of Atlanta 7/22/1864 to 8/25/1864
a)Ezra Chapel, Hood's second sortie 7/28/1864

Attached To 1st Brigade, 4th Division, 15th Army Corps
12)Flank movement on Jonesboro 8/25/1864 to 8/30/1864
13)Battle of Jonesboro 8/31/1864 and 9/1/1864
14)Lovejoy Station 9/2/1864 to 9/6/1864

Attached To 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, 15th Army Corps
Pursuit of Hood into Alabama 10/1/1864 to 10/26/1864
1)Reconnaissance from Rome on Cave Springs Road 10/12/1864 and 10/13/1864
"Sherman's March To The Sea" 11/15/1864 to 12/10/1864
1)Griswoldsville 11/22/1864
2)Near Bryan's Court House 12/8/1864
Siege of Savanah 12/10/1864 to 12/21/1864
1)Assault on and capture of Ft. McAllister 12/13/1864
Campaign of the Carolinas 1/1865 to 4/1865
1)Salkehatchie Swamp, SC 2/2/1865 to 2/5/1865
a)Dillingham's Cross Roads or Duck Branch 2/3/1865
2)South Edisto River 2/9/1865
3)North Edisto River 2/11/1865 and 2/12/1865
4)Columbia 2/15/1865 to 2/17/1865
5)Battle of Bentonville, NC 3/20/1865 and 3/21/1865
6)Occupation of Goldsboro 3/24/1865
Advance on Raleigh 4/10/1865 to 4/14/1865
Occupation of Raleigh 4/14/1865
Bennett's House 4/26/1865
1)Surrender of Johnston and his army
March to Washington, DC via Richmond, VA 4/29/1865 to 5/19/1865
Grand Review 5/24/1865
Moved to Louisville, KY 6/2/1865
Moved to Little Rock, AK 6/25/1865
1)Mustered out 8/15/1865
Arrived Springfield, IL for final pay and discharge  8/21/1865